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A big THANK YOU to the Village of Mukwonago and Citizens Bank.

Eagles Wing Free Clinic was one of the recipients of the Small Business Grant in October 2020.

Welcome Back!

Eagle's Wing is seeing new patients again. Please call (262) 385-9211 for an appointment.

Out of safety concerns for our patients, our providers, and our volunteers: visits may be more brief or even rescheduled. We are currently not seeing new patients. (more...)

It started with an observation, made by a regular person, who mentioned it to a friend, who then mentioned it to another and another. They all agreed something needed to be done and they couldn’t wait for someone else to do it …

​Eagle’s Wing Free Clinic is a nonprofit organization that provides medical services for uninsured ​​​and under-insured individuals. These services include non-emergent medical services, health education and screening, community resources, and referrals. Eagle’s Wing Free Clinic is supported by the generosity of private individuals and organizations. We are a truly grassroots organization.